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Terms of Reference of NIEH

Terms of Reference of the National Institute of Environmental Health (NIEH)
The Institute shall:

  • contribute to the technical justification and review of air quality limits, and shall provide information to the public at large;
  • investigate indoor air quality at places other than worksites;
  • be involved in the preparation of decisions concerning waters for human use (drinking water, mineral and bathing waters), and shall oversee the implementation of such decisions on the national and local levels, through regional organisations;
  • study and evaluate the chemical and microbiological quality of waters (with special regard to drinking waters, mineral waters, bathing waters, ultra-pure waters used in health care, waters used in food processing plants producing for export), furthermore, it shall take part in quality assurance activities of laboratories accredited for testing waters for human use and of laboratories authorised by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer to test drinking water, and it shall organise ring trials;
  • run the national drinking water and natural bathing water data base in connection with water quality; it shall take part in the qualification of products and procedures related to water hygiene safety, in the process of marketing and utilisation authorisation and in the registration of authorised products and procedures;
  • carry out chemical, microbiological and ecotoxicological studies to assess soil pollution and contamination levels, and to study fluid and solid community waste, industrial and agricultural waste as well as hazardous waste;
  • assess human risk factors and environmental health impacts of subsoil and ground water pollution;
  • be involved in assessing the population's pattern of morbidity due to environmental factors;
  • carry out environmental health impact assessment;
  • lead the Aerobiological Network of the National Public Health and Medical Officers' Service;
  • in the field of child and youth health, it shall elaborate public hygiene requirements for educational, teaching and child care institutions and monitor their implementation;
  • investigate the toxic effect of chemical substances and preparations through experimental and predictive methods;
  • carry out genetic diagnostic investigations in specific disease entities, upon request by healthcare facilities/medical specialists, in order to clarify clinical diagnosis as well as for the purpose of secondary prevention; it shall promote family planning and the implementation of targeted treatment of patients;
  • draw up expert opinions to underlie decisions to be taken by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer. It shall take part in individual enforcement authority procedures upon request, by providing expertise and expert opinions. It shall assist the NPHMOS in implementing its unified enforcement authority activities in the field of environmental health by producing methodological guidelines and aiding materials;
  • take part in implementing expert activities related to the country's European Union membership. It shall cooperate with its peer institutions and organisations functioning in the European Region of WHO and in EU Member States;
  • be engaged in scientific and technological development activities and take part in international and national environment and health programs;
  • seek to respond to new challenges, in order, among others, to promote human adaptation to extreme climatic phenomena.

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Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2014; 20(1-2):51-67
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