Tel.: 36 1 476 1100
Fax.: 36 1 215 0148
Addr.:1097 Budapest, Gyáli str. 2-6.
Post addr.: 1437 Budapest, Pf. 839.
Business activities

NIEH carries out business activities in the following areas:

  • Outdoor and indoor air quality (immission) studies;
  • Testing and qualification of drinking, mineral and medicinal waters as well as bathing waters;
  • Testing and qualification of small water purifiers and ultra-pure water production systems used in health care (dialysis stations);
  • Investigation of materials, preparations and technologies used in the field of drinking water supply;
  • Investigation of soil, waste, soil amelioration and compost materials;
  • Assessment of environmental and human health risks at contaminated areas;
  • Data processing and data banking services;
  • Technological and scientific research;
  • Technical planning and expertise in support of economic activities;
  • Field and laboratory investigations and measurements;
  • Study of standard conformity;
  • Organisation of scientific-technical events, presentations and exhibitions;
  • Teaching and training activities;

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Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2014; 20(1-2):51-67
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